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When I run, I feel His pleasure

20 Feb

“I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.” — Chariots of Fire

Okay, so I may not be fast, but Chariots of Fire totally inspired Marty and I last week! It was our first time actually watching the movie, but of course we are familiar with the famous soundtrack. The next day, we went for an 8 mile run (our farthest distance so far) and I had the Chariots of Fire song ringing in my head as my tired legs finished the route. We came home and I made us some delicious smoothies – the perfect post-run breakfast!

This week has been amazing, to say the least. It’s been wonderful to get to know the students and bond with them. Their first week of lectures has been “Hearing God’s Voice” where they are realizing that God speaks to us everyday, it’s whether or not we are listening! Once our eyes and ears are open to what God is saying to us, it becomes incredibly exciting to recognize His voice. For example, through nature, the Word, an impression/feeling, art, dance, etc. etc.!

The DTS schedule is very much “full-on”. Most days I am at the base with the students from 8:45am-9:00pm. Marty is equally busy with a part-time job, an internship, and school, and we are finding it difficult to spend time together! We have allocated a “date night” each week to ensure we get quality time together. We know it is a temporary 3-month season where our schedules will be a bit chaotic. God will carry us through!

Speaking of quality time together, Marty and I are very excited about our one-year anniversary this Friday, the 22nd! We plan to go out to dinner to celebrate. Can’t believe how fast the time has gone!!

God has been showing me so much these past few months. He has been speaking to me about my identity in Christ, going so much deeper with me than ever before. The fact that I am His daughter. That He is well pleased with me not because of my performance, but simply because I belong to Him. And that He has empowered me to love people like Jesus loved people and to do the works that He did – healing the sick, having profound compassion, radically loving people. I have been so encouraged lately; I can’t get enough of this kind of teaching! I have been incredibly challenged to actually believe what the Word says about me and every believer – it should be just normal Christian living!

My hope and prayer for this season is to see these students get radically touched by Jesus and to step out in boldness in what He is asking them to do. Along the way, I desire as well to get deeper revelations on who I am in God and to live a life of love as Jesus did on this earth. I am sure as I give out to these students each day, that God will do mighty things in me as well!